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A visual inspection is a non-destructive technique applied to every product as a quality assurance tool. It is the most common and most cost effective method of collecting data, analysing data and ensuring quality control. In saying this, visual testing must take place at various stages before, during and after the production process. When carried out effectively, this method will detect any surface discontinuities via inspection, visual scanning or testing.

Many standards require a visual test before applying other methods. For example, in welding a visual test would be required before any other testing as it would be futile to submit a weld for testing if it has obvious visual flaws.

A visual test is just that, it is a visual examination that uses all human senses including touch, smell, sound and of course vision. Any tests requiring specialised equipment are not considered visual tests. Tests such as Ultrasonic, Radiography, Magnetic Particle & Dye Penetrant, are specialised testing and require specific training, certification and equipment.

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